App Releases • Send Anywhere PRO v4.3.6

Send Anywhere PRO v4.3.6

Requirements: 2.2 and up

Overview: Send your files anywhere, easily and quickly!


Anytime! From Anywhere! To Everywhere!

File Sharing only with a 6 digit number!

File Sharing Innovation created by Send Anywhere.

From Android to Android / iPhone / iPad / PC

From Android / iPhone / iPad / PC to Android

You can quickly and easily share any folders or files (include photos, videos, and Apps).

【Features in Pro Version】

√ No ADs

√ No limited size and number of files to share

- 1 G Bytes limitation at once when files upload to server

(Upload/download can be limited when it gives too much load to server)

【How to use Send Anywhere】

-Sending file

1. Select a file(Document, Photo, Video, App etc.) and click a “Send”

2. Get a 6 digit OTK(One Time Key) and send it to your friend

3. Sending finish

Tip. Files can be sent to surrounding devices through Auto browsing function

-Receiving file

1. Enter the 6 digit OTK in receiver’s device

2. Receiving finish

Tip. Access files in your PC from Send Anywhere website

What's New

Now Send Anywhere is going FREE!

For formerly purchased PRO users, we will keep supporting updates for a period of time.

Thank you very much for your purchases and huge love.

Stay with us to enjoy Send Anywhere being the easiest way to send files across devices.

v. 4.3.6 pro

• Fixed issue on sharing links to Hangouts.

• Now we are supporting Hungarian language! (Special thanks to gidano from Hungary)

This app has NO advertisements

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