App Releases • My Finances Pro v2.2.5

My Finances Pro v2.2.5

Requirements: 2.2+

Overview: It is very easy and convenient.

The application is full of useful features that will help you save much money.


Rate and comment . Any suggestions will be examined and if relevant to the application will be developed .

What is the pro version?

* Additional expenses in the application can be sent to your Google Calendar.

* In addition to viewing the graph as categories and spending , you can do with the income and expenditure as well. There is also a session preference for the exclusive graphics .

* Add as many records you want.

* Backup and restore complete .

* You can choose whether a gain is added to the total.

* You can manually enter the date of registration of an expense.

* You can enter values ​​directly calculated on the value of field calculator an expense or income .

* If desired, the application will notify you so you do not forget to pay your expenses. This can also be done by the Google Calendar service .

* Much more!

Permissions :

* Write permission is required on the record sdcard backup and restore as well.

* Need permission to read and write in their agenda for spending writing and reading application.

* We also have permission to access the network to check their license Google Play.

* Permission to the vibrator to vibrate the application is used sometimes .

* Permission to boot is that even if the phone is turned off , it will turn on when the notification service is ongoing.

What's New:

- New image

- New bar graph

- Transfers of resources to profit

- Earnings may be paid in installments

- Correction of errors

- The limits of the categories

- New Calendar

- New indicators for total

- New configuration options

- Improved graphics

- Export revenues and expenditures for Excel

- Manage limit credit cards

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