The Gravity [FULL-PAID] v1.3 APK

The Gravity [FULL-PAID] v1.3 APK

Requirements: 2.0.1

Overview: More than 400 000 people all over the world enjoy this game every day. Incredibly beautiful and alike any other, The Gravity allures into its world everyone. You would like to know how? That’s simple. The game gives its users opportunity to get into mysterious world, where they will face the tasks, they could never imagine.

The Gravity gives you a power, which you can only dream about in your life – power of the gravity. It is hard to resist such an opportunity, isn’t it? During the all game using this power you are to solve huge amount of various tasks. Move the whole massifs, spin everything as you wish, the game allows you to become sculptor of this world. Beautiful 3D graphics and atmospheric sound effects will help you to fully dive into the game and deal with all its tasks. Be sure, they exactly won’t be easy for you. Every time your power will be limited to some extent and how to spend it intelligently is the art of every player.


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DmxADr — Mon Feb 03, 2014 11:56 am

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