App Releases • SPLASH ICONS APEX/NOVA/ADW v2.0.0


Requirements: 2.3.3+

Overview:All the Icons are designed to give your mobile very nice look and feel.


All the Icons are designed to give your mobile very nice look and feel.

【What's included?】

✦1247+ Icons* (More are coming everyday)

You can also request your icons on my mail ID.

✦ Huge library of custom icons

✦ 6 HD wallpapers

✦ Quick-action apply

✦ Four different background to theme your un-themed icons.

✦ Icon shader to give exact same effect to un-themed icons.

【What can I use them in?】

✦ Nova Launcher

✦ Action Launcher Pro

✦ Apex Launcher

✦ ADW Launcher EX

✦ Atom Launcher

✦ Holo Launcher

✦ Smart Launcher

✦ Unicon (Icon Themer)

✦ TSF Shell

✦ Go Launcher EX (Icon mask has some issue)

✦ ADW Launcher

✦ Next launcher (Icon mask has some issue)

✦ Probably More

【Alternative way to Apply Icon Pack】

✦ADW Launcher: ADW Settings > Themes > SPLASH ICONS > Apply

✦ Nova Launcher: Nova Settings > Look and feel > Icon Theme > SPLASH ICONS

✦ Action Launcher: Settings > Display > Icon pack > SPLASH ICONS

✦ Holo Launcher: Appearance Settings > Icon pack > SPLASH ICONS

✦ Apex Launcher: Apex settings > Theme settings > SPLASH ICONS> Apply

✦ Go Launcher EX: Themes > Installed > SPLASH ICONS> Apply


★Regarding 'MovetoSD' availability: If the app is moved to SD Card, you risk the custom icons not loading properly because of how the system loads the SD card OR the theme not being active after a device restart.

【Contact Us】

For any help or query please feel free to mail me

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What's New:

Have a look of these too :

Keep icon sise between 110% to 125%

Have a look of these too :

【Second Release V2.0.0】

✦Replace all the icons

✦Added 450+ new icons

✦Added 4 new Wallpapers

✦Added 6500+ new Activities

✦ Added Shader for non-themed Icons

【First Release】

✦Added 1247+ icons

✦Added 8500+ Activities

✦ Icon Mask

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More Info:


Download Instructions:thanks yuki918


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