App Releases • Ecualizador + Pro (Mp3 Player) v0.4

Ecualizador + Pro (Mp3 Player) v0.4

Requirements: 2.3+

Overview: Discover Equalizer + Pro,the Premium version of the new standard player Equalizer ! An app to listen to your music you can not fail to have !


Equalizer + Proand save $ 8!

The Premium version includes:

- AMP LOW :to amplify the volume of your bass like never before!

- Option " SAVE " to save your custom audio profiles

- Option to edit and / or delete your audio profiles

- "Feather " to ensure smooth playback

- " DOUBLE SCREEN " option to project your equalizer on a second screen .

General characteristics :

- 5 band equalizer (from low to high )

- Audio ( directly available in the app)

- Unlimited access to your music library (you can sort your songs by album / title / artist or playlist )

- Playback mode in the background ( to continue listening to your songs while you use other apps or while your device is asleep )

- Search for music available

- 11 Profiles equalizers based on different styles of music

- Double click function to reset quickly and easily volume frequency filters

- Visible bar playing music

- Function "Repeat" to continue listening to your songs over and over again ( button 3 states: repeat one song , repeat the entire playlist , not repeat )

- Function "Shuffle " : play your songs in random order

- Volume control low

- Vintage and elegant design

- Professional Sound Projection

- Simple interface and user friendly

- Viewing window : the app is integrated with an animation of the audio spectrum ( like the old Windows Media Player). You can maximize the display in full screen .

Exclusive options to discover:

- DISPLAY to witness the origin of the sound : look how the sound comes directly from your phone , as you used to with Windows Media Player

Amplifies and improves the quality and volume of sound with Equalizer + . Equalizer + is a music player and equalizer frequency . Access your music library directly from the app . Sets the frequency of your songs and save your audio profiles . + Equalizer lets you control five different frequency band . Adjusts each filter to get the best out of your music. As if this were not enough , you have the opportunity to further amplify low sounds by the Bass Amplifier option . Finally , you can display the sound through a spectrum analyzer , available directly from the app .

Back to reacquaint yourself with your musicwith the new equalizer app! Plug in your headphones or turn the speakers and listen to your songs like you're in a studio. Seize the volume to the max! Nothing like a good equalizer to amplify your parties or your musical experience.

Audio profiles are:

• Acoustic

• Classic

• Dance

• Electro

• Apartment

• Traditional

• Hip- Hop

• Jazz

• Latino

• Metal

• Pop

• R & B

• Rock

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Download Instructions:thanks yuki918


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