App Releases • Fiets! VL v1.3.0

Fiets! VL v1.3.0

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up

Overview: With the Fiets!-app you can easily plan, save and share a route. While biking you can use Fiets! as a navigational aid.


Hoe does the planning work? Simple, choose a node where you wish to start, from this point onwards continue selecting the available nodes on the map to complete the route. Are you satisfied save the route. Another way is to choose a start and end node after which the Fiets!-app will calculate the shortest route or you can download FREE routes added by other Fiets!-app users from the Routeplein.

While biking you can also use Fiets! as a navigational aid. Select one of your saved or downloaded routes and start the navigation. On the map you can see what your current position is and what the upcoming node will be on the route. Have a look on for the meaning of the different nodes and their colors.

You can share your own routes with other Fiets!-app users. On all these routes are visible. This makes the website the platform to discover and share new node routes. Check all the routes on the Routeplein, find a suitable route and upload it using the Fiets!-app.

Biking in The Netherlands? Download Fiets! NL.

Enjoy Fiets!

This app has Admob and Adsence advertisements

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Download Instructions! VL_1.3.0.apk



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