App Releases • AutoStitch Panorama v1.2.1

AutoStitch Panorama v1.2.1

Requirements: Android O/S : 4.0.3+

Overview: AutoStitch is the highest-quality panorama app available for Android, generating beautiful wide-angle panoramas of up to 20 megapixels, with no visible seams!


Why do you need AutoStitch if your phone already has a built in panorama mode? AutoStitch can stitch photos in any order or arrangement, including vertical, horizontal, or mixed arrangements. It achieves superb image quality by stitching full-resolution camera images rather than low-resolution video frames as used in other apps. AutoStitch creates stunning professional results that you would be proud to hang on your wall.

Don’t miss out on great photo opportunities because you don’t always have your camera gear with you. AutoStitch can be used like swapping in lenses. You can capture any field of view that you wish just by taking more photos in any direction.


Simple and intuitive interface. Just choose or snap images and tap "Stitch"

Choice of resolutions up to 20 megapixels for poster-quality prints

(1 GB RAM required for 20MP. Older devices may be limited to 10 MP)

Stitch photos taken with any camera app, or even imported from another camera

All source images are retained, so you can change stitch options later

Crop the result with automatic or manual cropping

Share your creations via email or social media directly from AutoStitch

What's in this version : (Updated : Nov 12, 2013)

The top rated panorama stitching app is now available on Android! Rebuilt from the ground up with a new Stitching Engine for even better image quality on Android devices.

includes fixes for Android KitKat

This app has no advertisements

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