Remotestick v2.6.1

Remotestick v2.6.1

Requirements: Varies with device

Overview: Remotestick lets you remotely control lights and other electronics as well as monitor sensors from your phone.


Requires a Telldus Tellstick with Telldus Live! activated. Please read more about Telldus and the different Tellsticks at Obviously, you will also need additional hardware to control and/or monitor. Please see Telldus site for compatible devices,

✓ Control lights, radiators or other electronics (called devices)

✓ Add devices to groups for easier control

✓ Create scenarios to control a set of devices individually in one go

✓ Schedule a device to be controlled at a specific time or at sunset/sunrise

✓ Read sensor values

✓ Background monitoring of sensors and graphs

✓ Easier and faster control by using a floor plan view

✓ Create even more complex scenarios with sensors and devices using Tasker or Locale

✓ Access devices and sensor from your homescreen with widgets

✓ Control a set of devices by holding your NFC enabled device in front of an NFC tag

A Tellstick is used to communicate with wireless consumer electronics on the band 433MHz (European standard). When activating a Telldus Live! account the Tellstick is getting accessible by Remotestick through Internet.

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What's New

* Minor fix that reduces the number of crash reports sent from clients

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