[FREE] Ski Arcade v1.1.1



Ski Arcade v1.1.1

Requirements: Android 2.1+

Overview: Fast-paced downhill skiing game designed to be very challenging.


More screenshots on the Google Play App Page!

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Game Features:

- Charming retro arcade-style graphics

- Simple tilt controls

- Gameplay that's easy to learn, hard to master

- Online leaderboards

- Earn coins to spend on new characters, hats and pets in the shop

- Remove ads permanently if you earn enough coins

How to Play:

- Tilt your device to move your skier

- Avoid trees, rocks, bears and other skiers

- Hit ski ramps to jump over obstacles and gain extra points

- Slalom between flags to gain extra points

- Get through 5 flags in a row for a bonus


Please feel free to leave suggestions/comments in this topic or on the store page.

As this is my first mobile game I'd like to keep it as simple as possible - but I'll consider all suggestions.

Download now for FREE!

wlewis — Thu Mar 13, 2014 7:08 pm

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