Crystalux v1.0.1

Crystalux v1.0.1

Requirements: Android OS 2.3+

Overview: Puzzle game for training your brain.





Watch Out!

First of all: you may get too smart for this planet.

Second: you will finally have fun at the office or on a date.

Third: you might miss your station!

We are presenting to you the mental muscle building tool, the boredom killer, the time accelerator machine - the Crystalux puzzle game.

Show your friends and loved ones who is the smartest of them all.

The game offers:

- 60 secret patterns - and more coming up soon!

- The difficulty level provides optimal strength training for your brain.

- Solve the puzzle while relaxing to real zen chillout tunes!

- Let the crisp, clean lines and the glow of the crystals soothe your eyes.

- Hints will help you advance, and your friends will never know!

This game has Google AdMob banner and Chartboost interstitial advertisements

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Dimmerg — Fri Mar 07, 2014 5:26 pm

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