App Releases • MyLocker PRO v1.13

MyLocker PRO v1.13

Requirements: Android 4.0.3 and up.__Please use Lukcy Patcher or Modded Google Play+0nline

Overview: A locker of my own, "My Locker"


Getting sick of the same boring locker screen? Why not make one your own?

-This Android app allows you to decorate your lock screen and also give out your screen to your friends as a present!

: You can choose your clock, date, weather widget designs and also locate them wherever you want.

: You can choose fonts, colors, background images or icons of each widget.

: "My Locker" allows you various kinds of unlocking methods.

(including the gorgeous snowing effect!)

: A lock screen with photos of you and your friends (or lovers:) can be a a wonderful present to them!

: You can also upload your lock screens on the "Theme Hub" so that other users can download the screens designed by you.

: "My Locker PRO" version allows you unlimited numbers of widgets on one screen and also more kinds of unlocking methods!

▷ There is no limit to the number of widgets.

▷ unlock additional effects.

▷ always watched boring lock screen, now I see directly how about decorating?

▷ Lock screen, you can gift to your friends and decorate your own Android-only application.

- Clock, date, weather, calendar, etc. to the desired position and various widgets to the lock screen to decorate your own, too!

- per each widget colors, fonts, backgrounds, images, icons, etc. You can freely do.

- Various lock how to turn off use. Try the effect of pretty snowflakes!

- carefully made ​​to present the theme can do with your friends.

- I created the theme "theme hub" on the theme designer to share it with.

-My Locker PRO can purchase and decorate any number of widgets , unlock more effects that can be applied to a variety of everyday.

Please send me an email if you have any suggestions?

Give us your support and great strength will be happy ^ ^

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