Archangel 1.3



"a satisfying and long-lasting dungeon crawler." -Digital Spy

"a rock-solid performer." -PocketGamer

"I would definitely recommend this for someone...waiting for the new Dark Souls game." -148Apps

"impressive graphics on the same level as console games." -Modojo

The forces of evil are mobilizing in defiance of heavenly rule. As an Archangel your task is not merely to halt their rise – you must inflict a justice so brutal and uncompromising that none will ever again defy the will of Heaven. Black Tower Studios and Unity Games conjure visceral action tailored for touch in this epic clash between good and evil.

**Requires up to 400MB of free space to download. Supported devices mentioned below.**


-Embody the Angel of justice and retribution - a celestial being of certain conviction driven by moral absolutes.

-A true gesture & touch based control system designed to give unparalleled control.

-Crush, freeze, pound, cut, immolate and even resurrect fallen foes to fight against their fellow sinners.

-30 levels of intense, martial and spell-casting action.

-Over 100 items to collect, some with unique spells and abilities to add to your repertoire.

-Wager hard-earned spoils at the end of each level for even more treasure—or risk losing it all.

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danzoox — Sat Feb 01, 2014 5:14 pm

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