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Pingtools Pro v1.64

Requirements: 2.1 and up

Overview: PingTools - useful set of network tools.


PingTools - useful set of network tools. The interface is very simple and at the same time you get the most information. longer available utilities The program includes:

• Ping - a tool needs no description. With Ping you can test the connection to the remote server, to learn about the connection delays and more. Supported by The entire set of parameters: the endless ping packets size, TTL timeout interval and flood mode.

• Traceroute - an indispensable tool for system administrators. Which shows the route on the packets are from your device to the target server.

• Port scanner - a powerful multi-threaded TCP port scanner. With this tool you can get a list of open ports on a remote device, as well as find out what programs they use.

• UPnP Scanner - shows the UPnP devices on your local network. With UPnP scanner you can find out the IP address of your router, game consoles like Xbox or PlayStation, media servers and other compatible devices. Supports DLNA-compatible TVs and mediaboxes (AllShare Samsung, LG SmartShare). • Wi-Fi Scanner - shows the list of access points around you. In Additions, you can find out the manufacturer of the access point, the signal level and a lot of other information. You can use the chart to visually appreciate it all.

• Subnet scanner - this tool can scan your Wi-Fi subnet to find other hosts around. Scanner can check hosts via Ping, or check multiple TCP ports. I know u can simply find services in your subnet (for ex-22 port scan to find where SSH running). Also you can configure the IP address range for custom scan set count of threads and various other parameters. The program is adapted for phones and tablets.

In order to confirm, go to SETTINGS and the "Remove Ads" option is NO longer there as opposed to the non PRO version. Enjoy

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