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Clover Paint v1.22

Requirements: 2.1 and up

Overview: Clover Paint is a paint application that aims to be able to operate comfortably in the touch panel was created to review the existing UI from scratch.


On the other hand with a Clover interface features and then shifted so that the pen can not be hidden with a finger for comfortable operation with your finger, as well as support pen pressure, button, hover, calibration, set shortcut also do with the stylus, fully supported by the UI operations such as the prohibition of a finger.

(These settings can be done with [Gallery → Options / stylus]. For more information, visit the Web site)

Clover Paint is assumed to be in an advanced-accustomed to painting tools.

Feature basic drawing because it uses the equivalent of any version Clover Memo for beginners, if you are not familiar with the paint tool, it is recommended that we step up to the plate Paint from accustomed to using version Memo first recommended.

Again, this app is for the professional user.

This app doesn’t accept the request for refund, Please try Clover Memo LITE before you buy.

Clover Paint following features have been added compared to the Clover Memo.


- Making (as far as the memory follows unlimited) of a large number of layers

- support .psd image import/export(an image data including multiple layers is able to exchange with other paint tools)

- Indication of the list of layers

- Name setting to a layer

- From the icon push and hold in the list of layers (new, clone, merge down, merge all, and delete)

- Row substitute of the layer

- From the setting window of the layer (visible on/off, opacity, blend mode, layer protection, opacity protection, clipping group)


- Rect, free select, auto select

- Blend (replace, multiple, add, sub) of the selection area

- You mask a drawing function in a selection area (When you paint over the drawing with the pen, line, fill, invert, bucket)

- A Layer choosing in a selection area and cut or copy, and paste.


- Move tool(pixel move by integer and axis transformation)

- Transform tool(pixel move by floating number, scale, rotate, skew and perspective)


- Because the embodiment brush of the default can reappear, now you can completely customize a list of Clover icons

- Possible setting of the blend operation on a brush (at the add, sub, difference, the opacity of the layer masks)

- You can control the parameter of a mixed brush using in a finger-tip tool or a picture in watercolors in detail

- Jitter effects (setable by spot unit and stroke unit individually) such as flow, pen size, the color (hue, saturation, luminance)

- Jitter effect is able to setting by even sine-curve or Perlin-noise as well as white noise.

- Detailed user settings of the spot shape or color by using texture

- The rotation of the pen spot or brush center position is possible control orientation and tilt of the stylus (for Cintiq)

- Customization of the program generation texture using the Perlin noise

- Effect depending on pressure, speed, tilt (for Cintiq), or time progress of the stroking

- Effect curve can be set in detail spline or free-curve.

- A lot of others


- Selectable high quality filters such as Bicubic/Lanczos2/Lanczos3 at the time of image expansion, transformation

- Add the button which very detailed image setting can play at the time of a JPEG file export [Custom]

Please refer to the commentary of the Clover Memo for the basic function that you do not introduce here.

Because I prepare free Clover Memo Lite, I can confirm the operation check at the Android terminal of the errand there.

The system part becoming basic of Clover Paint is common to Clover Memo and perfection.


- Tutorial Guide (by Minh-Hoa, Thanks)

this software is based in part on the work of the Independent JPEG Group

What's New

2014/02/03 1.22

■ Implemented Hand Shake Correction

- The option of the Hand Shake Correction is set by [Brush - Correct]

- Improve a part of the translation (by Glace, thanks)

2014/01/19 1.21

■ Implemented Extension for Tablet (EfT)

- Add new UI for the tablet size terminal with digitizer stylus

- It is necessary to purchase (2,000 yen) from the option setting to use it

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