Survival Run with Bear Grylls v1.2.7 [Unlimited Gold/Coins]

Survival Run with Bear Grylls v1.2.7 [Unlimited Gold/Coins]

Requirements: 2.3+

Overview: Run for your life as famous adventurer Bear Grylls!

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Sometimes you have to RUN to Survive! Survival Run with Bear Grylls is the latest game from F84 Games. As famous adventurer Bear Grylls you will run for your life from the worlds most relentless grizzly bear. Traverse various environments to earn coins and golden grubs as you test your nerve. In Survival Run, there is a hazard lurking around every corner!


* Simple controls and an exciting game play mechanic.

* Play as your favorite survival expert, Bear Grylls.

* Unlock 9 awesome Bear Grylls characters.

* Rescue Choppers, Power Paragliders, Jetpacks and more!

What's New

*Fixed a False Positive with Avast! Mobile Security. If you were receiving a warning, please update to the latest version of Survival Run.

All New Features including:

* Survival Sales! Be on the lookout for huge savings on store items such as Rocket Boots!

* Daily Runner Rewards! Return daily and earn Survival Supplies!

* Coin Cloner & Grub Cloner! Double every coin and grub you pick up during a run!

Numerous bug fixes.

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More Info:


Download Instructions: Credit To: Gokeryou ... r.apk.html


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