RadioactivityMonster(Abe kill Game)

The Radioactivity Monsters attack you.!!!

You have no weapons!

However, There is one way!

I teach you!!!

It is radioactive food!

You protect yourself from monsters of radioactivity!!

You must kill those radioactivity monsters!

I need you!

Please, You must kill Radioactivity monsters!!!!



* If you touch mobile phone, the radioactivity's food attack monsters!

* Please, you touch the radioactivity monster!

* You will die if it is possible to let the coated monster radioactivity in food.

1. If you kill monster, you get Character card or PU !

2. If you have a character card, you can open to the Monster Archive!

GAME DOWN LOAD SITE ... er.english

samlode — Thu Jan 02, 2014 3:12 am

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