Me in a Storybook: Farm v1.0.2 [Samsung Store]

Me in a Storybook: Farm v1.0.2

Requirements: Android device

Operating System: Android 2.2 and up

Overview: Give your little loved ones the chance to become the hero of the story in this fun children's storybook! It's suitable for both girls and boys too. Kids will love having their photos taken. They have to pull a big smile, a sour face, a crazy funny face, a scary face, a surprised face and a sleeping face. They literally become the main character in the story as they go around the farm. They find a way to get past Frankie the cranky donkey who has blocked the gate to the cornfield by sending him into hysterical laughter. Then they help grandpa scare away the pesky crows away from the cornfield by pulling the scariest face they can. They finish the day off by catching a giant fish called Old Brutus before having a farmhouse dinner and getting tucked in tightly to bed. Phew, what a day! Make sure you connect with Appic Win on Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter because there are more books in the 'Me in a Storybook' series coming that you don't want to miss!


Release info:

Purchased, no crack needed

More info: ... @sn=SAPS|@



Download Links/Instructions: Install apk file and play the game.

YogoTogo — Thu Jan 02, 2014 8:11 am

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