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WiFi Keygen v4.9 AdsFree

Requirements: Android 1.6

Overview: WiFi Keygen EasyBox standard key calculation


> ... About: ... <

Attention, check the security of your own router!

Since most EasyBox routers have a vulnerability, it is possible to

calculate the default password.

This is what makes WiFi keygens, it calculates only the default

passwords and not the changed!

It is not a hack tool!

> ... Features ... <

- WiFi keygens shows you the WiFi router from your environment and

the respective signal strength.

- WiFi Keygen also shows you immediately the compatible routers.

This can be seen in a color-coded tick.

- If it is a green tick, it is a EasyBox.

- If it is an orange tick, it possibly could be a EasyBox.

- Routers, which are not working with the Wifi Keygen App, are also

listed. They are marked with a red X.

This Free version only works with EasyBox routers.

Please support me for the work and gives me a cafe where you buy

the WiFi Keygen pro version

> ... Warning ... <

- Entering into other networks without the consent of the owner is


- As a programmer, I am not responsible for the misuse of this

application and therefore I do not wear the resulting damage!

- The app is only intended to check their own safety or the password

recovery and not for illegal and harmful purposes!

> ... Important ... <

- WiFi keygens only calculates the default password of the EasyBox,

not changed ones!

- WiFi Keygen only works in conjunction with a EasyBox router!

This app has NO advertisements

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