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Sun Surveyor v1.12.1

Requirements: Android 2.1+

Overview: Sun Surveyor predicts Sun & Moon positions (azimuth, altitude, time) with its modules: 3D Compass, Map View, Camera View (Augmented Reality) and Details (Ephemeris).


Sun Surveyor is useful for film and photo location scouting, solar panel positioning, gardening, real estate, Earth Science geekery, and more! Plan for every sunrise and sunset!

Use the interactive controls to:

● Visualize and plan for the "golden hour"

● Find the time of year and angle to shoot a location at Sunrise or Sunset, or compositions involving the Moon

● Visualize the Sun and Moon throughout the day or over a year for any location on the earth

● Augmented Reality Camera View - 360 degree spherical view projected onto the camera output


● Sun & Moon Bearing and Altitude, Sunrise & Sunset, Shadow Ratio, Moon Rise & Set, Moon Phase & Illumination %, Twilight Times, (new!) Summer and Winter Solstice Paths

● 3D Compass - A 3D projection of Sun and Moon positions and events overlaid onto a compass representing the device's bearing and orientation in the world

● Map View - A top-down view of Sun and Moon event positions overlaid onto an interactive map. (new) Lock down your shooting point and align your shot with Sun & Moon events!

● AR Camera View - View through the phone's camera, visualize where the sun and moon will be in the sky, or when they will move behind a building

● Time Machine Slider - Visualize events for a single day, or watch the days get longer and shorter and the Moon's path get further and closer throughout a year

● Offline Usage (excludes Map View) - Enter Coordinates, Save & Load Locations with no data connection or GPS available

● Send screenshots and details

● Sun shadow ratio and projection, visualize the shadows cast from the Sun

● Local, Auto-Detect and Manual TimeZone selection

● Compensation for Magnetic Declination

What's New

- Hotfix for Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note III Android 4.3. See if curious.

- Languages: Polski (Polish) translation by Mateusz Remer, many thanks!

- Moon image display - moon images now shown at the angle they appear to an observer

at the selected location (Android 3.0+)

- Details view - Moon phases now include times

- Calculation engine updates

+ see help->menu->what's new for more

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Download Instructions:Thanks to Yuki918


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