App Releases • SC Secret Recorder v2.10

SC Secret Recorder v2.10

Requirements: 4.0 and up

Overview: SC secret Recorder

-It will be impossible for anyone to guess whether the my phone is recording.


-It only supports Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich above or tablets.

-Free version includes all functions of the paid version, except for a 60 minute limitation of recording time. Purchase paid version if you like it after a trial of the free version.

-Recording widget

Secret recording is available by using up to 576 user settings with a combination of various selections of on and off widgets, such as transparent, camera, gallery, folder, etc.

The transparent widget can make only ON transparent, only OFF transparent, or both ON and OFF transparent, and can hide recording status by hiding or showing a widget as a combination such as camera, gallery, folder, etc.

One of the biggest advantages of the SC recorder is that users can freely do a secrete recording by changing widget icons.

-Notification icons at the top, message

The secret recording is available by changing 20 notification icons such as receiving phone calls, warning, download, etc. which are transparent and system support icons, and by changing notification start, notification title, notification message under setting.

You can see the current recording time on the notification bar without running the apps showing recording time instead of notification title if you check “Show Recording Time” under setting.

-Recording is available under standby mode.

Once recording has started using a widget or an app, continuous recording is possible even though the screen is turned off or the app doesn’t run unless users stop recording, or the recorder is turned off by a dead battery.

-The password to the list

The recording list can only be shown by typing the password and the recording files can be hidden due to not being searched in other media apps if you check “Using Password” after setting the password under setting.

(The app which has a folder search function can not be applied)

-Extra storage

This is storage which is left for the other apps’ smooth usage and users can control the space from 100MB to 1GB. The files that are not registered for permanent storage start to be automatically deleted if a designated capacity is exceeded.

-Permanent storage of recording files

A menu is presented when users click recording files on the list and its’ icon is shown in red. It can prevent automatic delete when extra space is exceeded. Check on this if it is an important file.

-One session recording time

Users don’t have to worry about recording time since the recording is automatically terminated when the time specified by the user is done.


A menu is presented when the recording file is clicked on the list and the extra explanation and contents about the recording file can be recorded. Icon of recorded file changed to pencil shape indicating that it is recorded.

Since the recording file name can be modified at the same time, use the file name as a title of the contents on notepad.

-Inconvenience, suggestions, and errors

We will try our best to reflect your opinions on update if you leave any inconvenience, suggestions, and errors on developers’ email( or blog (

-SC recorder is a specialized app in a secret recording and surveillance recording, spy recording.

What's New

- Folder Manager

Support SD card storage.

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