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MathPro mathematics all levels v2.6

Requirements: 1.6+

Overview: Math on the phone!Now you have all useful math formulas and definitions handy and can always refer to them. There are a lot of drawings (including 3D), explaining all symbols used in formulas.


Range of material - high school.

The content is divided into sections and subsections so that it is easy to find any formula, definition or equation.

There is also a free version of MathPro, which displays ads.

Current table of contents:


- Constants

- Basics

- Exponents

- Averages

- Polynomials

- Logarithms

- Equations

- Equation systems

- Matrices

- Determinants


- Sequences

- Limits

- Series

- Integrals, properties

- Integrals, basic formulas

- Integrals of rational functions

- Integrals of irrational functions

- Integrals of logarithmic functions

- Integrals of exponential functions

- Integrals of sine functions


- Triangles

- Trigonometry

- Quadrilaterals

- Polygons

- Circles

- Polyhedrons

- Solids of revolution

- Platonic Solids


- Combinatorics

- Probability

Logic, Sets

- Logic

Coming soon: vector calculus, differential calculus, analytic geometry, complex numbers, ... then the next sections.

Keywords: shortcut formulas solving triangles absolute value equations

What's New:

v. 2.6

- Matrices

- Determinants

- Logic

- Russian language version

v. 2.5

Integrals of sine functions

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