App Releases • Disa v0.3.6 alpha UNIFIED MESSAGING

Disa v0.3.6 alpha UNIFIED MESSAGING

Requirements: 4.0 and up

Overview: Disa is your new messaging hub . Conversations

from different services can seamlessly be joined

together , or disbanded within seconds .



Just the way cellphones made instant text-based

communication ubiquitous, the advent of

smartphones, the widespread availability of mobile

internet, and services like WhatsApp made it free.

However, multiple messaging apps can be a pain

to manage, plus the more apps you run, the more

system resources they are going to consume,

especially with apps that actively work in the

background. Remember the days when MSN,

Yahoo! and AOL Messengers were all the rage,

and multi-protocol IM apps like Pidgin, Digsby

and Trillian were immensely popular because they

supported all these services and more in a single

package? Disa aims to do the same with the

modern, phone number-based mobile messaging

services. Currently in alpha, it’s starting off with

SMS and WhatsApp, with support for more

services like Google Voice and Hangouts in the

pipeline. Though despite being an alpha, it boasts

an impressive interface, works surprisingly well,

and even lets you merge conversations on

multiple services into one!

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spodermon — Thu Jan 23, 2014 6:33 am

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