Space Infinite 1.0

Space Infinite 1.0

Requirements: Android 2.2+

Overview: In this game you have to create your own spaceship from different parts in order to overcome the pressure of the enemy fleet.


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More Info:

In this game the player creates spaceship from different parts. These parts can be of different types (main part, lasers, shields, engines) and levels. There are some rules of assembly of the ship ( items must be connected horizontally or vertically, etc.). When the ship is ready, the player begins level . The gameplay in the style of classic scrollers, but it's important, which ship the player has created. Some features of the game:

- 20 different parts of the four sets.

- 40 levels with 5 types of enemies.

- Advanced damage system of enemies and player.

- The absence of any micro-transactions .


Download Instructions:

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