Nyanko Ninja v1.08

Nyanko Ninja v1.08

Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher


Bored with killing mindless enemies, or getting angry with bad game controls and stupid levels?

Nyanko Ninja brings you great fresh feelings! The best game control you’ve ever experienced on parkour games. Nyanko Ninja will challenge your limit!






~Extraordinary Game Control

Flexible jump and hit, freewheeling control experience. Try the dreaming dance steps you’ve expected for long, try the excitements that Nyanko Ninja will bring you!

~Creative Levels

Three scenes, 24 missions, more than 20 kinds of monsters, traps, barricades, treasures… Ninja’s world’s filled with incredible things.

~Boss Challenges

Three bosses are howling, doing endless attack to innocents. You have to defeat the Tailed monsters with the brave ninja to save the whole world! Will you succeed? Maybe very little chance…

~Ninjitsu Skills

Fire Fury, Illusion and Whirlwind, how to choose your Ninjitsu? It’s a question.

~Fancy Equipments

Three categories, 15 appearances, from normal wearing to legendary outfit, along with raises of your capacities. You are the LEGEND!

~Global Rank

In Ninja’s world, your scores will be ranked globally. Are you the best ninja in the world? Or someone else has predominance? Enter the Global Board, find your target and keep fighting!

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