Fortuna Magus v1.0.3g

Fortuna Magus v1.0.3g

Requirements: Android 2.0+, modded Play Store

Overview: Welcome to the world of Fortuna Magus- a fantasy RPG offering hours of enjoyment even after the main story has been completed.


In a world where magi are indiscriminately persecuted for their arcane abilities, Amane finds himself on the wrong side of the law when he stands up for Ret- a vagrant magus who helped him out of a scruff. Now on the run, will Amane and Tia ever be able to find their missing father?

- Undergo Revelations!

Fulfill certain conditions during combat to learn new skills and special attacks, such as spells and tandem attacks. These revelations occur when a character uses certain skills upon reaching a certain level or element level. Experiment with different attacks, and master all the skills!

- Earn TP and unleash special attacks!

Technical Points (TP) are awarded when you attack enemies and use items during battle, or when you are hit by enemy attacks. When your TP reach 100%, you can unleash powerful special attacks and support skills. The fastest way to accumulate TP is to be hit by enemy attacks, so plan your party formation accordingly. Note that your partner's TP must also be at 100% when performing tandem attacks.

- Use magestones to raise your element levels

Magestones and magestone shards, found in treasure chests and on enemies, can be used to raise your characters' element levels. Not only do they enable you to acquire even more powerful spells and skills, but they increase your chance of experiencing revelations. Be sure to use them often!


Fortuna Magus Points (FMP) are purchasable points used for buying rare items and special equipment during your adventures. Every time you defeat a certain number of enemies, you will receive 1 FMP free of charge.

*Items purchased with FMP are saved to an individual saved data slot, and cannot be used with other saved data.

*While IAP content requires additional fees, by no means it is necessary for finishing the game.

This game has NO advertisements

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