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PerfExpert v1.5.2ps

Requirements: Android 2.1+

Overview: PerfExpert is a new generation app for accurate automobile performance measurement with new features!


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Features :

- Now compatible with most of the HoneyComb Tablets (Galaxy Tab 10.1, 8.9, Nexus 7...) and high res phones (Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Nexus...)!

- Dyno run to measure flywheel power and torque of your engine with dynamic calculation of losses without you need to enter a loss percentage => PerfExpert compute power losses for you.

- Compute corrected power and torque according to the correction norm of your choice (taking into account atmospheric pressure, ambient temperature and air humidity). So you can compare measurements on different days.

- Possibility to use one of the following power correction norm : DIN (Europe), SAE (America), JIS (Japan), CEE (Europe) and ISO (International).

- Flywheel (crank) chart of engine power / engine speed. With automatic detection of the engine rev limiter (or throttle closing) in order to get a curve starting from low revs up to the red line, as on a chassis dynamometer report.

- Flywheel (crank) chart of engine torque / engine speed.

- Use of your phone accelerometer at its maximum frequency. Even 100Hz (eg Samsung Galaxy S) or more if your phone allow it.

- Use of advanced signal processing for smoother curves without reducing the acquisition frequency.

- Possibility to enter as many cars as you want

- The results are grouped by "Config" engine you define yourself

- Possibility to enter multiple gear ratio for each car

- Curves are shown in a full screen interactive graph that lets you know the exact values ​​at any point with an extraordinary precision.

- Individual choice of units from a large number: Hp, Ch, Kw, Nm, Ft.Lb, mKg, Mph, Km/h, m, ft, G, m/s≤, psi, inHg, mBar, °C, °F

- Timed Run to measure your 0-60mph, 0-60ft, 0-1/8mi, 0-1/4mi, 0-100km/h, 0-20m, 0-200m, 0-400m, and much more.

- Excellent measurements regularity for accurate comparisons.

- Detailed reports of dyno runs and timed runs with specific information for each type of measurement.

- Export reports in Tab Separated Value format and PNG.

More info ? Read the PerfExpert FAQ here :

What's New:

Waiting next 1.6.0 update that will add new features allowing you to share results by web publishing, this update brings the following enhancements:

- Fixed crash when pushing START button on Android KitKat devices

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