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ExcelContacts - Export / Import contacts to / from Excel 2.6 Ipa full ios app free download

ExcelContacts not only the best way to transfer contacts from your iPhone without iTunes-it - the only way! No other application allows you to easily manage the most valuable data of your iPhone:

1. Upgrade change and serve your contacts easily and conveniently on your PC, use Excel, OpenOffice or any other Excel-compatible application.

2. ExcelContacts sends all your contacts from your iPhone in a convenient zazipovannom file by email, USB, or through a web page via a local wifi network!Photo contacts also sent!

3. You do not have to share your contacts with Yahoo or other websites to get a reservation. Zip-faayl ExcelContacts contains all of your contacts in a convenient, simple format.

4. ExcelContacts protects you from problematic cases sync iTunes, which can delete your contacts if, for example, you no longer have access to the Exchange server.

5. Restoring or changing contacts from the spreadsheet is as simple as downloading a file to your phone via USB, sending e-mail or through the network.Easier just does not happen.

6. You can print a copy of your contacts iPhone.

7. ExcelContacts supports more than 3000 contacts.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Easy to use - with a choice of import or export controlled by a single button, and then there are step by step instructions on the screen to load / unload your contacts.


1. Export iPhone contacts and photos via USB / WiFi / Email

ExcelContacts can export all iPhone contacts and photos to computer via Wi-Fi (the server HTTP), you simply type an address (eg in your computer web-browser to download the export file.

If your iPhone can connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi or 3G, you can send the export file as an attachment by email. mail.

If you export contacts via USB, then the export file will be saved in the application file sharing folder. You must connect your iPhone to your computer via a cable USB, refer to the File Sharing pane uses (where you can save the export file from your iPhone to your computer) in iTunes.

export file - ZIP-file that contains the file excel 'contacts. xls', and the folder 'images', with all the pictures of contacts.

2. Import iPhone contacts and photos via USB / WiFi

ExcelContacts can import all contacts and contacts photos back on your iPhone via Wi-Fi (the server HTTP). You simply type an address (eg in your computer web-browser to download the file import.

If you import contacts via USB, you must connect your iPhone to the computer via cable USB, refer to File Sharing uses the window area (where you can transfer the import file from your computer to the iPhone) in iTunes.

3. Edit your contact information using Excel

You can use Excel, to edit your contacts iPhone. You can also add contact photos. After you copy a file to a contact photo folder 'images', you only have to enter the file name in a specific cell in Excel.

4. ExcelContacts can support separate address column (such as street, city, state, zip column) and separate column of phone numbers (such as a mobile, workphone, homephone, workfax, homefax). So you can just go to the file CSV, other commonly used database software.

5. Duplicate information develops during import if you import a contact with the same name or send the same e-mail. address or mobile number that already exists in your contacts iPhone. You have two options to solve problems with double contacts:

• Update new information from a double to an existing contact

• Add a duplicate as a new contact

In the new version:

- Added support for mapping the fields of contact when the column headers in the import file are not recognized by the application

- Added support for creating customized export files by comparing the contact fields in the column headers

- Added support for viewing contacts in the import file

Requires firmware above 4.3

Compatibility: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

Language: English, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish

ExcelContacts - Export / Import contacts to / from Excel 2.6 Ipa full ios app free download from here

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