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Data Easy PRO v3.1

Requirements: Android 1.6+

Overview: This application is useful to stay in sync, save battery, data traffic and money.


This application is useful to stay in sync, save battery, data traffic and money.

It allows you to cyclically connect to the Mobile Network or to the Wifi one to synchronize e-mail, appointments, contacts, program data, etc.

With the "Cycle when Screen Off/Connect on Screen On" option Checked you can have Automatic Connection when Screen is On and Cyclically Connection when Screen is Off; you can forget to switch the connections!

With the "Cycles Always regardless Screen State" option checked you can Cyclically Connect when you are using the device, for example, while you're watching a movie; in this case the cyclic connection works even when the device is sleeping.

If a Wifi connection is available it will take precedence over the Mobile one, to save data traffic and money in case of not-flat rates.

You can also enable sounds and vibration alerts, enable and disable notifications (PRO), set start at the boot, suspend the cycle and enable connections when the device is Plugged, set the type of connection you want when you turn on the screen or the device is Plugged or Unplugged and set the times at which the cycle is suspended.

The application installs three WIDGETS (a small, a medium and a big one) that allows you to activate the cyclic connection or turn on/off quickly the Mobile and Wifi Connections.

To be synchronized and save battery power, for example, set "Activate Data Connection" every 10 minutes and "Keep Data Connection Alive" for 45 seconds.

Advanced PRO Functions:

. option to set how many minutes activate data connection

. option to set how many seconds keep data connection alive

. option to disable notifications

What's New

The size of the widgets have been modified to take up less space in the Home Page

In the names of the widgets have been added size (some launcher does not show the dimensions in the choice of widgets)

Bug fixed: when the device starts (if "Start at boot" option is set), if you left the screen locked, connections remained active and cyclic connection is not activated.

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