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CPU Sleeper 4.0 Universal v4.0

Requirements: 2.1 and up, Root

Overview: Its a fairly simple App that will put CPU 1/2/3 OFFLINE when the screen turns off. Once the screen comes back on, it will allow CPU 1/2/3 back ONLINE.


What is it?

CPU-Sleeper is for the extreme power users!

How does it work?

Since we have Quad Core CPUs, we have a CPU 0 and a CPU1/2/3, while the screen is off we really only need to have 1 core active "CPU0", this App will make sure CPU1/2/3 shuts off while the screen is off.

During screen on time: application reduces lag & speeds up the device for gamers!

Battery Saving?

Battery savings all depends on Usage & idle times.

Most People will notice a Huge battery savings using Music App's like Pandora and using the Phone during calls.... etc.....

Others will see increase in battery usage if you are constantly waking the device to peak at mail or just to look at the time every 5 minutes!

What's New

Version 4.0 Release Notes 10/29/2013:

Support for hdpi, ldpi, mdpi, xhdpi.

Fixed issue's with CPU1/2/3 not coming back online with a few Devices.

Fixed Memory Leak issue's.

Now Supports ALL Chipsets.

Fixed Lock-up issue's.

Fixed Start-up issue's on some Devices.

Fixed Slow downs.

Smaller Memory Footprint.

Fixed Battery Drain issues

Fixed Almost every bug Posted about!!!!!!

Fixed Su Notifications!

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