Black Friday: Premium Accounts $10

Black Friday is a day in the US where people who really want some cheap stuff stand in line at 5am (I know, Americans are strange). Fortunately we're on the internet and you don't need to stand in line. For the next 48 hours Premium accounts for a year will cost $10 (and an extra $5 donation will also get you VIP status on the forum). We're starting early and ending late since Mobilism is a global site with users in all timezones; no need for it to actually be Friday wherever you are.

For more info on premium accounts, see This for Android or This for PC/Mac/etc. The premium accounts allow you to download directly without waiting from the filehosts used on Mobilism for a year. All releases in Android, Movies and eBooks have a link for direct download through this service. If you would like to try the service before buying, please pm me with a password of your choice and I will make you an account.

Click Here to make a donation.

Disk4mat — Thu Nov 28, 2013 9:19 pm

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